Wednesday, November 16, 2011


WFM Nur Najiha Hisham & IM lim Yee-Weng
Bronze Medal: Malaysia

Gold Medal: Vietnam
Prize Giving: Mix Team

 Malaysia full Contingent ;: Mascot ; Modo & Modi

 Gold Medal: Kongsee Uaychai (THA )- centre

Gold Medal: GM Le Quang Liem 2714 (VIE) - centre
Blindfold Chess
5th Edition: Bulettin


Thailand Ensure Gold Medal in ASEAN Chess Category,Vietnam in Mixed Pair

One round to go to the last round in mixed pair category, Tuesday (15/11), the standings did not change much. Vietnam has remained the first position after beating Thailand 2-0, while Philipines rise from adversity after a painful defeat against Vietnam in round three. They beat Malaysia team mate 2-0. While Indonesia has pulled back the opportunity of getting a medal after successfully crippling Myanmar 2-0 in round four yesterday. With this result, Vietnam has been able to confirm a gold medal in this category because they have recorded four consecutive winning from four rounds have been played. Even the female players, WGM Nguyen Thi Thanh An made a record as the only player who collected the perfect victories for four rond. While his team mate, GM Dao Thien Hai who forced to play draw in second round with Myanmar players, FM Zaw Oo gained his victory back in this fourth round.

In the category of the ASEAN chess, gold medal also has confirmed belong to Thailand. Thailand player, Kongsee Uaychai won by WO against his opponent Nguyen Huy Huynh Minh from Vietnam. The arbitter declared Nguyen Huy Huynh Minh defeated WO, since he was not present at the match after Tournament Director began the fourth round because all chess categories played in the 26th SEA Games use the zero start system. Meanwhile, Indonesia player, Taufik Halay maintain the opportunity to get medal after previously got the bad results in round three. He was successfully overcame the resistance of the Philipines player, Rogelio Antonio Jr. With this result, gold medal has confirmed belong to Thailand without having to wait for the last round results. While silver and bronze medals are still contested by Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philipines.

Meanwhile in the blindfold chess category, Vietnam player, GM Le Quang Lim successfully took over the first position from Philippines players, GM John Paul Gomes, who had occupied it for six rounds in a row. Quang Lim played well in day four after winning two rounds against Gomez and Dede Lioe. While his nearest competitor IM Tirta Chandra from Indonesia and GM Darwin Laylo from Philippines must face each other and playing draw in round eight yesterday. With these results, Tirta and Laylo could no longer chase Quang Lim because they have 1.5 points different with one round left. However, the position of Quang Lim still not safe. He was only half point different from Gomez who followed him in second place and will play all out in the last round against Tirta Chandra today. So, the gold medal in the blindfold chess category has not confirm by any player and still waiting the result of last round today.

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