Saturday, November 19, 2011

V.I.P. Indonesia & Malaysia visit Playing venue to gave support for chess players

 Indonesia Chess Maestro, GM Utut Adianto (Vice President PERCASI) with Hj. Ibrahim Bakar (Advisor &  Ex-Deputy President MCF)

 Hj. Ibrahim Bakar with Malaysian Contingent during Rapid Chess Category.

GM Utut Adianto  with Indonesian Contingent
8th Edition

Philippines and Vietnam dominated standard and rapid chess category
Entering the eighth day of SEA Games XXVI, or second round of standard chess category, Philippines placed two players, GM Wesley So and WGM Rulp Ylem Jose at the top of current standings. Wesley was success collecting a perfect points after winning two rounds in a row, his point is only equaled by GM Susanto Megaranto from Indonesia who also has collected 2 points. Rulp Ylem also has collected two points from the second round, followed by WIM Nguyen Thi Mai Hung from Vietnam who adrift half a point.
While in men and women rapid chess category which have completed five rounds yesterday, Vietnam players who dominated the standings. In men rapid chess category, GM Le Quang Lim is the only player who lead the game with 4 points. Behind him, GM Oliver Barbosa from Philippines and FM Hamdani Rudin from Indonesia followed with 3.5 points. In women rapid chess category, Vietnam also put their players on top of the standings. WGM Nguyen Pham Le Thao is the Queen of this category after defeated his opponents and managed to collect 4.5 points of 5 rounds which have been played. While in the second and third position is occupied by WGM Hoang Thi Bao Tram is also from Vietnam and the WIM Perena Catherine from Philippines with 3.5 points.

Indonesia player, FM Hamdani Rudin still has a chance to get the medal in rapid  chess category
(Photo by M. Iqbal)

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