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Rating List shall be released on the 15th day of every new quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct).

In this January 2015 release, there are 20,388 chess players. An increased from 19,869 chess players in July 2014. Of which 19,000 Malaysians in our chess rating database. A unique MCF Chess Rating ID contains 9-Alphanumeric ID was introduced in the October 2013 edition

Please remember your MCF Chess Rating ID to facilitate registration process of National-rated Events and insist on the Event Organisers to key-in your MCF Chess Rating ID into IDNo column of the Swiss Manager file to avoid any rating discrepancies.  

The events that were included in the Jan 2015 release are listed as follows:-

1.      Johor FIDE Round Robin 2014
2.      UTP Mini Tournament August 2014 
3.      Kejohanan Pesta Terbuka Kedah 2014 
4.      20th Kepong Juniors Open
5.      Perak Clifford 2014
6.      NRBCC Rapid 2014 (FIDE rated) 
7.      Sandakan International Chess Open Rapid 2014 (FIDE rated) 
8.      Perak Closed 2014 
9.      Jom Chess Merbok 2014
10.   Sarawak Open 2014
11.   Johor Challenger 2014 (FIDE rated)
12    Johor International Open 2014 (FIDE rated)
13.   UTP Invitational 2014
14.   Cheras Round Robin Dec 2014 (FIDE rated)
15.   7th National Junior Boys Chess Championship 2014 (FIDE rated)
16.   7th National Junior Girls Chess Championship 2014 (FIDE rated)
17.   2nd KK Mayor Cup 2014 (FIDE rated)
18.   Cheras Juniors AG 2014
19.   Penang Challenger 2014 (FIDE rated)
20.   Penang International Open 2014 (FIDE rated)
21.   6th IIUM Invitational Open 2014
22.   UPSI Open 2014
23.   Pesta Kementerian Kewangan 2014

Source from: LIM TSE PIN (MCF Rating Officer)

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