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ASEAN-CHESS at SEA GAMES : MCF not sending a player accept for Blindfold Individual Rapid chess (Men)

ASEAN-Chess - Pieces position

The new chess variant namely ASEAN-Chess was born as the combination of Myanmar Traditional Chess, Thai Traditional Chess (Mak Rute) and Cambodia Traditional Chess with some added and amended rules.


The Laws of ASEAN-Chess cover over-the-board play.
The English text is the authentic version of the Laws of ASEAN-Chess, which was adopted at the ASEAN-Chess Council at Bangkok, Thailand on March 14, 2011 coming into force on the same date.

In these Laws the words 'he', 'him' and 'his' include 'she' and 'her'.


The Laws of ASEAN-Chess cannot cover all possible situations that may arise during a game, nor can they regulate all administrative questions. Where cases are not precisely regulated by an Article of the Laws, it should be possible to reach a correct decision by studying analogous situations, which are discussed in the Laws. The Laws assume that arbiters have the necessary competence, sound judgement and absolute objectivity. Too detailed a rule might deprive the arbiter of his freedom of judgement and thus prevent him from finding the solution to a problem dictated by fairness, logic and special factors.

ASEAN Chess Confederation appeals to all chess players and federations to accept this view.
A member federation is free to introduce more detailed rules provided they:

a. do not conflict in any way with the official Laws of ASEAN-Chess

b. are limited to the territory of the federation in question; and

are not valid for any ASEAN match, championship or qualifying event..etc.

In case of any dispute or problems arising during a game, the chief arbiter shall make the final decision according to the FIDE Laws of Chess.


There will be 9 events :
  1. Individual Standard Chess (Women).
  2. Individual Standard Chess (Men)
  3. Individual Rapid Chess (Men).
  4. Individual Rapid Chess (Women).
  5. Individual Blitz Chess (Men).
  6. Individual Blitz Chess (Women).
  7. Standard Chess (Mixed Pair)
  8. Blindfold Individual Rapid Chess (Men)
  9. Individual Asean-Chess (Men)  - (Not sending  player)

MEETING: OCM /MSN Selection Committee to select Malaysian Contingent to 26th Sea Games 2011.
Sport: CHESS
MCF appointment : 6pm, 26th July 2011
Venue: OCM Board Room, 1st Floor : Wisma OCM, KL


Players: 4 Women  & 5 Men (OK)
Participart 8 events (OK)
Categories A @ B :  (On discussion)
- If Any player in Category B ( Any results for Gold & Siver medal will be transfer to Category A)

1. Hj Ibrahim Bakar ( Deputy President)
2. Gregory Lau (General Secretary)
3. Haslindah Ruslan (Vice President)
4. Zuraiha Wazir (Asst. Secretary)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MBPJ Open Chess Championship 2011

Perpustakaan Komuniti Petaling Jaya, MBPJ

 Result: Open Category
 Champion: Sumant Subramaniam 
(National Player-SEA GAMES 2011)

Hew Kai Jun , Nurin Afifi  Adie Mazuwe (Best Girl U-18)

Nur Diyana Sakinah (UiTM), Sarika Subramaniam (Best Lady- Open)

From left: Haslindah Ruslan (MCF), Mohd Fadli Zakaria (Cerdik Catur Enterprise), Zainal Abidin Rahim (Pentadbiran  PKPJ MBPJ), Zam Zarina Razali ( Pemb. Perpustakaan)

Catatan Peribadi:

Mendapat tempat Ke-5 di kejohanan Catur terbuka, membuka satu lembaran sejarah peribadi buat diri saya.  

Satu pembaharuan didalam pembangunan komuniti mengunakan Kejohanan Catur ataupun Bengkel Catur mula mendapat perhatian di Perpustakaan Daerah ataupun  Bandar. Diharapkan usaha ini dapat diteruskan, memandangkan pecatur memerlukan tempat latihan berterusan di setiap komuniti daerah masing-masing.  Jika di seluruh perpustakaan  daerah dan negeri dapat memainkan peranan untuk menyediakan kemudahan dan budget yang berpatutan untuk komuniti catur, saya rasa satu pembangunan Mega akan terhasil.

Memandangkan Perpustakaan adalah tempat yang bersesuaian, memandangkan prasana kemudahan adalah lengkap dan ini akan meningkatkan ahli perpustakaan dan Kempen Kerajaan untuk menanamkan minat membaca dikalangan remaja akan terhasil.

Semasa Tahun 1990an, saya akan tertunggu-tunggu pada tarikh Keputraan Sultan Selangor, kerana Perpustakaan Shah Alam sering mengadakan Kejohanan pada tarikh itu.  Juga di Perputakaan DBKL di dataran Merdeka juga sering mengadakan Bengkel dan kejohanan Catur. 

Diharapkan Persatuan Catur negeri / Syarikat @ Academi Catur  mengambil peluang ini untuk menambahkan ahli dan menghasilkan pemain yang berkualiti di daerah masing-masing.

VIP: En Halimey Abu Bakar (Ahli Majlis MBPJ).

More photo : Stonemaster Blog
Chess- Result - Open


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