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•2.2         Every Federation can register one invited player in each category (under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 years old, open and girls), that is a maximum total of twelve (12) guest players that will be hosted by the Organizers, plus one trainer for each Federation participating.

3.    FIDE ENTRANCE FEES : Official Player 70 € (Euros), additional player 140 € (Euros)

4.4 All the travel expenses must be paid by the participants or their Federation. Only member Federations of FIDE are entitled to submit registration forms. Individual applications will not be accepted if the national Federation does not confirm such registration.

Thrusday  17November 20h – Arrival of Delegations
Thrusday  17November 22h – Technical Meeting
Friday  18 November 15h30 – Opening Ceremony
Friday  18 November 16h – 1st round
Saturday  19 November 15h – 2nd round
Sunday  20 November 15h – 3rd round
Monday  21 November 15h – 4th round
Tuesday  22 November 10h – 5th round
Tuesday  22 November 15h – 6th round
Wednesday  23 November 15h – 7th round
Thursday  24 November 10h – 8th round
Thursday  24 November 17h – 9th round
Friday  25 November 15h – 10th round
Saturday  26 November 10h – 11th round
Saturday  26 November 20h – Closing Ceremony
Sunday  27 November  – Departure of Delegations

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Top-4 winners National Age group 2011 and Good result ASEAN / ASIAN Age Group 2011, interested to participant please contact MCF Secretary Mr. Gregory Lau :  012 – 2577123 (e-mail:


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World Youth Changes
2014: Split into two separate events.

U8, U10 and U12 events : 1-16 August
U14, U16 and U18 : 16-31 October

PHOTOS: During My trip WYCC 2008, Vung Tau Vietnam

 Social Cultural Night : Malaysian Contingent

 En Azman Hisham (Asst. Secretary MCF) with the Malaysian Contingent

 WFM Alia Bakri with Indonesian Player WFM Medina Aulia
Puteri Rifqah Fahada with Anatasia (INA), flag representation ceremony

 Justin Ong, Yeoh Li Tian & Alia Bakri
Alia Bakri & Puteri Rifqah with Miss World / Country : Colombia

Return from airport Vietnam: 
Me with Juniors Players dress with Vietnam's National dress

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